Dirty Rascals Registration

The kids are taking back the mud and fun! Adventure and fun await along the 1.25 mile course that will traverse some of the same obstacles the adults will conquer in the Jailbreak! Three waves and two separate courses will ensure that your hero between the ages of 4-13 will create a lifelong muddy memory!

Muddy 200 yard dash - 4-6 year olds

Start time 8:20am (runs with adult 18+)

Muddy 1.25 miles - 7-13yrs old

10-13yr olds run at 8:30

7-9yr olds run at 8:35

1.25 mile run over obstacles (most will be the adult obstacles on the adult course and the final mud pit)

Dirty Rascals - South Padre

South Padre Island, Texas


Start: Saturday, May 3, 2014

Registration Closing Date

Thursday, May 1, 2014